Freight management

Freight Management

Comprehensive freight management module handles everything from order taking to invoicing and provides the tools you need to manage your business.



Keep track of your equipment, appointments, deadlines, and other factors. The dispatch module enable you to link dispatch directly with your drivers, reducing phone time and mistakes.

Safety and compliance

Safety and Compliance

Seamless and streamlined process to manage your safety department. Driver profiles, examination reports, accident reports, tickets, trainings, insurance, and much more the inadequacies from slowing down your business processes.

Container tracing

Container Tracing

Monitor your containers in real-time with flexible automatic notifications and reminders. Accurate and clear picture of your business at a glance.

Invoicing and accounting

Invoicing and accounting software integration

In the pursuit of operational efficiency in your finance department, it’s time to get rid of manual paper-based systems by utilizing a platform that incorporates best-practices to automate the invoicing process.

Driver/Subcontractor settlement

Driver/Subcontractor Settlement

Fully automated process helps to eliminate the tedious, repeatable tasks of driver pay. The entire process process is streamlined and optimized: from company drivers and owner-operators to subcontractors.

Yard management

Yard Management

Simple interface with intuitive and easy to use features for a complete visibility of your yard. No more spreadsheets, paper logs and notes.

Mobile access

Mobile Access

Today mobile devices are something like a toothbrush. We use them every day and we cannot even imagine what we would do without them. Driver app allows driver to get and complete the legs on his mobile device.